Global Internet Exchange

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Our services offer numerous benefits for organizations looking to optimize network performance, reduce costs and improve connectivity with other networks and content providers. Take a look at our available solutions.

Global Internet Exchange

Discover our flagship peering solution from Peer-1, the Global Internet Exchange (GIX). By establishing our peering services, your company will have a robust and efficient infrastructure for exchanging Internet traffic and providing high-quality services to end users.

Peer-1 Connectivity

Start benefiting from our Peer-1 Connectivity solutions now. Our technology offers direct connection to more than 30 Internet exchange points. Whether through a physical connection or public Internet, our solutions guarantee quality and security.

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Here are our main latencies

Standard Premium
São Paulo / Rio de Janeiro
08 ms
06 ms
São Paulo / Fortaleza
44 ms
34 ms
São Paulo / Frankfurt
135 ms
125 ms
São Paulo - Amsterdan
141 ms
119 ms
São Paulo - New York
109 ms
106 ms
Fortaleza - Frankfurt
92 ms
92 ms
Fortaleza - Amsterdan
99 ms
86 ms
Fortaleza - London
103 ms
97 ms
New York - London
73 ms
65 ms

Your business is your priority. Our priority is your connectivity.

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